The Eidel Group


1974: Herbert-Arnulf Eidel founds an auditing and tax consultancy firm in his hometown, which has ever since enjoyed close links to Strasbourg, our big twin sister on the other side of the Rhine. That was the start, where our story began. Today, our consulting group comprises five companies, 11 experts, over 59 colleagues and a Franco-German team striving for a common goal: meaningful numbers.

Eidel & Partner mbB

Auditing firm & tax consultancy firm

Eidel & Partner mbB is the successor to Herbert-Arnulf Eidel's one-man firm and our traditional principal company. Its fields of activity encompass auditing, tax consultancy and (financial) management consulting and it assists businesses in the sectors of production, trade and services, regardless of their size and legal form.

Eidel Valuation & Assurance GmbH

Auditing firm

As a purely auditing firm, Eidel Valuation & Assurance GmbH specialises in valuing companies and shareholdings, advising on M&A transactions and providing auditing and assurance services.

Mittelbadische Treuhand GmbH

Auditing firm & tax consultancy firm

Since 1978, Mittelbadische Treuhand GmbH has been acting as a trustee for our clients' assets or investment projects.

Eidel Audit GmbH

Auditing firm

The core activity of Eidel Audit GmbH (the “Company”) is to carry out statutory and voluntary audits of individual and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with national standards and international accounting standards. In addition, the Company provides other audit and certification services primarily related to financial information.

Eidel Consulting GmbH

With its target group of entrepreneur-led SMEs, the company builds on its many years of expertise in the areas of financial information analysis and corporate management. However, its activities focus not on creating a meaningful basis of figures in itself, but on jointly designing and implementing operational business processes and structures - in other words, the factors that are ultimately reflected in the company's figures.